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Everyone would know the basics of housekeeping and cleaning. This is the place to fine-tune your skill and start running your cleaning company like a real business

  • Commercial Cleaning Workshop
  • Carpet Cleaning Workshop
  • Cleaning Chemicals Workshop
  • Cleaning Marketing Workshop

Group Training Workshop

Get hands-on experience in the workshop conducted to develop your skills and take your cleaning business to the next level

Upskill Your Team

Cleaning Equipment - The Essentials

Get complete knowledge about equipment that is required for maximum efficiency

Cleaning & Organizing Bathrooms

Bathrooms are hard to clean. Get trained to transform the messiest bathrooms into spotless ones within no time.

Cleaning the Kitchen & Appliances

Get perfectly trained to clean the kitchen and the appliances in it.

Cleaning a Commercial Office

Upskill Your Staff and start taking on commercial cleaning contracts

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William A. Bevins

Cleaning housekeeping consultants taught me how to streamline my cleaning company. We have grown our business significantly ever since we've implemented the strategy

Jessica M. McCullough

The cleaning tender which Jake helped me write was amazing and was the main reason we were awarded with the cleaning contract. It was our first tender and has now opened so many doors for our cleaning business