Cleaning & Housekeeping Skills

Cleaning spaces. Creating happy faces.

Get Skilled up

Housekeeping Basics
Importance of Cleaning
Housekeeping activities

Everyone would know the basics of housekeeping and cleaning. This is the place to fine-tune your skill and use them to optimum levels for better results.

  • Furniture Care & Stain Removal
  • Clean Laundry & Special Material Care
  • Chemistry, Fundamentals, and Recipes
  • Pets and Allergies

Group Training Workshop

Get hands-on experience in the workshop conducted to develop your skills as a team and to be a team player.

Service Skills for Housekeeping

Cleaning Kit & Organic Cleaning Kit

Get complete knowledge about the kits that are provided.

Cleaning & Organizing Bathrooms

Bathrooms are hard to clean. Get trained to transform the messiest bathrooms into spotless ones within no time.

Cleaning the Kitchen & Appliances

Get perfectly trained to clean the kitchen and the appliances in it.

Cleaning the Living Room

Cleaning the living room is not just about cleaning, It is one place where you can experiment and make things more pleasant and presentable.

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William A. Bevins

Every individual is trained properly, and they have a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. When it comes to house maintenance, they do an amazing job.

Jessica M. McCullough

There is a drastic difference between the normal ones and the people who are trained there. I have recommended most of my friends.