Make Your Job Easier By Teaching Your Clients to Clean

As a cleaning business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of your clients home. However, yo,u only get a few hours each week at most to do it. This is why it’s a good idea to give small tips to keep their own home maintained.

This is a list of things I always tell my clients –

Managing a home is not a joke! You’ve got so many tasks to do every day, but still, you end up with a home that’s messy. So what do you do? Don’t freak out for sure –because we’ve got a few tips which will make managing your home easy! So read on!

  1. Assign tasks:
    To take off all the load from your head, you have to make a list of jobs and assign them to all the members residing in your home. And make sure everyone has completed their assigned tasks. Even the children in the home should have their own little age-appropriate chores to do. This way, you ensure that the house remains spic and span without you getting worked up.
  2. Clear off mess right there:
    If something catches your eye, make sure you tackle it right then. If you spot a cobweb or a dusty shelf – clean it immediately. This won’t pile up the mess, and the time taken to clean it up will also be less.
  3. Don’t allow laundry to sit:
    A pile of unwashed clothes is indeed an eyesore. Plus, they’ll smell too, ruining your sweet-smelling home! So why not get rid of one load at a time? You’ll end up with a fragrant set of washed clothes and a fragrant home at the same time!
  4. Clean carpets:carpet cleaning
    Carpets are home to a lot of dust mites and bacteria; an unclean carpet can leave a musty smell in your home. Instead of wondering where the odd smell is emanating from, clean up your carpet right away- and also make sure you make it a regular affair.
  5. Get a set of cleaning equipment:
    Having all the necessary cleaning equipment will not only encourage your family to clean but will also save time and do the task efficiently. So mops, scrubbers, soaps, powders, brooms – make sure you have the whole cleaning kit in place!
  6. Declutter:
    Getting rid of all that unwanted stuff that you’ve piled up in those boxes will help! You won’t have to deal with those boxes again and will definitely end up with some more space in your home. So start off with decluttering and getting rid of everything you don’t require in your home.

So there you go, simple steps that will help you get you a sparkly clean home all around the year!

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