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How to do After Renovation Cleaning

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Home After Remodeling or Renovating

The renovation market is Sydney is booming!! This is the absolute best time for Sydney cleaning companies to capitalise on this by offering after renovation / construction cleaning.
We’ve already taught a number of cleaning companies how to do it and one in particular has managed to double their yearly revenue just by learning the tips and techniques we taught them.
This article was written for homeowners who would like to have a go at after renovation cleaning themselves and also cleaning companies looking to get into post construction cleaning.
Whether it is renovating, remodeling or adding on to your house or room one thing is certain, the entire task will surely leave debris, dust, broken glass, sand , nails, dry wall pieces and many other bits and pieces around the house. The idea of cleaning up after you have achieved the new look on your house may seem like a mammoth task. Do not worry about that this article is meant for you and it will give you a step by step guide on how to clean up the place.

Step One

The first thing is to put on some protective gear so you do not end up hurting yourself by stepping on or pricking your hands on nails or broken glass. Once that is done you can begin the cleaning task by picking up the large debris and from it select what you want to keep as you get rid of the stuff that you do not need.

Step Two

After sorting through the debris and storing what you want to use later you will be left with the stuff that cannot be used, this is the stuff you want to get rid of but you may not have a large enough disposal container so it is a good idea to rent a dumpster.

Step Three

After getting rid of all the large debris you now have to clean the small debris. Once all the small debris has been cleared you should use a magnetic sweeper to get rid of all the nails that might still be on the floor. After that use a regular sweeper to clean whatever is left on the floor.

Step Four

Now you can start cleaning the paint stains on the floors. Use rubbing alcohol when getting rid of paint, pour the alcohol on the paint and let it set for some time then clean it off with a paper towel. Do not use a mop as it will make a mess by spreading the paint across the floor.

Step Five

You have to get rid of the construction dust that has now settled across the entire renovated space. You can rent a vacuum and use it on the floors and upholstery, Use a fan to blow out the dust and once this is done you can start cleaning the various fixtures and exposed surfaces in the room or house. Change the air filters that were in place during the remodeling and or renovations.

Step Six

Finally you have to thoroughly mop off the construction dust covering your floors around the entire area that was under construction, renovation or remodeling.

The above are some of the key steps to be taken when cleaning your space after renovation or remodeling. You can contact us for more detailed information on cleaning construction dust and more difficult tasks like removing render from windows.

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