Natural Fragrances for Clients Which Want Organic Cleaning

An increasing amount of cleaning clients are looking for cleaning services which use organic and eco-friendly chemicals, this is especially the case with man made fragrances.

Whenever we step into any place, our olfactory senses are activated immediately! They detect the smell of the place immediately, signals of which are sent to the brain – which then decides whether you like the place or not! Same applies for your home too! A musty, weird smelling home is a big turn off – so what do you do to keep your home perennially smelling great? Opt for those artificial fragrances or go in for a host of natural, organic scents we’re going to suggest in this post? Read on!

  1. Oranges and cinnamon in water:
    The combination of oranges and cinnamon works best not only in baking goodies but to also keep your home smelling great! Add orange peels, a few slices of orange and cinnamon sticks to a pot full of boiling water – and voila! You have a heavenly fragrance wafting through your home!Oranges and cinnamon in water
  2. Baking soda jars:
    Keeping these jars in every room of your home will absorb all unnecessary smells and keep it fresh always. Just add a few drops of essential oils to half a cup of baking soda and watch the musty smell disappear from your home! Say hello to a sweet fragrance! Make sure you change the jars every month.
  3. Carpet powder:
    Carpets are a hotspot of musty, odd smells. So despite cleaning the carpet if it still smells weird, all you need is the carpet powder – sprinkle it on and watch the odor disappear! The rosemary lavender powder is perfect for this – sprinkle it on, leave it for 20 minutes and then vacuum your carpet – done!
  4. Flowers:
    Freshly plucked flowers from your garden have a resulting fragrance that cannot be achieved from any of the above alternatives! So why not have a floral arrangement in your home and enjoy the sweet smell of these flowers slowly spreading all across your home?

  5. Potpourri:
    This is another excellent way to invite sweet fragrance and positive energy in your home! And the best part, you can create your own blend too – adding in all the ingredients, fragrances of which you love! You can do it yourself, or pick the potpourri bags from the store too.
  6. Lemon rosemary fragrance:
    Pick an empty jar from your kitchen, add water, lemon, rosemary and vanilla extract into it – there goes your all-room natural fragrance! A perfect solution, especially for those who aren’t fond of overbearing scents in their homes!

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