What is the cost of Commercial Office Cleaning in Sydney?

We all know cleaning the office where you work is of great importance for the health of your employees and not only and business offices nowadays use more and more Commercial Cleaning Sydney services to have their workplace cleaned.

This is the right way to do it if you want the job done in a professional way. Cleaning companies offer a large variety of services and most of them have some standard cleaning jobs that offer ass a package like vacuuming, mopping or having the trash bins emptied.

The price gets higher with every extra cleaning service the clients want:

– Cleaning monitors, desks, office phones

– Cleaning windows on the inside or on the outside(and the last one only can get the price higher)

– Cleaning the walls

– Cleaning the bathrooms

There are also offices like medical ones that need extra attention to details when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning. In this kind of offices, commercial cleaning services will have a higher price because the job gets out of the ordinary and the responsibility is way up.


A very important factor affecting the price and services of a commercial cleaning company is whether the company has insurance and is authorized in their job. The price, in this case, gets higher but a serious company will look only for this kind of services just to have the job done in a professional way and has no worries that something will get broken and no one will be to blame.

Another factor that you should look for when hiring Sydney commercial cleaning companies are their reviews.

Look for what other people think about the company and if you are checking the section made for comments on the company’s website, try to find out if the people that left those comments are real. Trust only real reviews and rely only on them because otherwise, you can find yourself in the situation of not finding such a professional commercial cleaning company.

Time, space, how many workers are needed for the job and working Sundays or in holidays will also affect the price. Most of the times a commercial cleaning company will offer the services at night due to the fact that offices are crowded at business hours and people working would not be happy to be disturbed.

Office Cleaning


There are several companies that offer this kind of cleaning services in Australia and the prices are usually somewhere between 30 and 35 $ per hour of work depending on the kind of services provided. In Sydney, companies go somewhere around 35 $ per hour and in the capital, the price rises up to around 37 $.

So you have several options to choose from when hiring a commercial cleaning company, you just need to pay attention to these details when you are taking the choice and also, you might want to try working for a company for a couple of months before going with them for a long-term contract.

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